Garden City 91.1 KANZ-FM Transmitter Operating At Reduced Power

Apr 18, 2019

5/4/19 UPDATE

KANZ now at 30% of normal power. New components have been installed allowing  the main transmitter to be connected to the backup antenna and line. Repairs will continue with the goal of reaching 100% of licensed power.

!!!UPDATE 4/18/19!!!

Tower climbers are scheduled to assess the damage to the KANZ transmission tower on Friday, April 19, 2019. During the time when climbers are near the antenna, the transmitter power will have to be reduced or shut off. Work is expected to begin around 11 am central time on Friday. The transmitter may be off for as long as two hours. This outage will affect a large area of southwest Kansas including Garden City, Liberal, Tribune, Ashland and the surrounding areas. Listeners in Dodge City can tune to KONQ, 91.9 fm. We will post an update as soon as new information becomes available

HPPR's Garden City transmitter, which serves a large area of southwest Kansas, is operating at reduced power due to antenna damage. This will affect signal quality in and around Garden City. 

Shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 3rd, the transmitter's safety system shut off the power, protecting the equipment from further damage.

Engineers were able to restore the signal using a backup transmitter and antenna, but KANZ, which normally operates at 100,000 watts, is now broadcasting at 600 watts. This will affect signal quality in areas 25 miles or more from the tower, which is located 12 miles south of Garden City.

Translator stations in Ashland, Tribune and Liberal may also be affected.

Tower crews should be on site Thursday to assess the damage and possibly make repairs.

HPPR's streaming signal is available on the internet at