Garden City Plotters Attempted to Join Kansas Militia

Nov 10, 2016

Credit Kansas Flatlanders Militia / Kansas City Star

A Kansas Militia says it spurned members of the October plot to blow up an apartment complex in Garden City, Kansas.

Miles Evans, commander of the Kansas Flatlanders Militia, says he was contacted by two of the plotters, who wanted to join his group.

As The Kansas City Star reports, Evans met the two men at militia training events. The would-be bombers later contacted him through Facebook. Evans rejected the two men, calling them “too extreme.”

Evans claims his militia group is the biggest in the state. He spoke out about the group in an effort to explain the militia movement. The leader says his militia is part of a collection of groups called the Three Percent movement, named for the percentage of colonists who took up arms against British control before the Revolutionary War. These militias, Evans explained, vow to use force if necessary to resist gun control laws.