Growing on the High Plains: Chimenea

Oct 8, 2020

Burn, baby, burn! (Safely and responsibly, that is.)

Get ready, because today’s Growing on the High Plains is on fire! In fact, we might even call it “Burning on the High Plains.” As you’ve surely noticed, autumn temperatures are descending across our region. It takes me back to memories of enjoying the brisk outdoors with my grandmother – a woman who thrilled at the prospect of lighting a warming bonfire. For what it’s worth, I seem to have inherited her “firebug” gene, though I’ve learned caution the hard way after a few close calls with careless burn piles. But now I have a tidy solution: my chimenea—an upright, clay patio fireplace that’s both front-loading and features a vertical smoke vent. This oblong oven allows for a well-positioned, safely-contained, and on-demand fire show. And as the evening glow grows dimmer, it keeps your outdoor relaxation station toasty and lit.


 ASHES denote that fire was;

  Respect the grayest pile

For the departed creature’s sake

  That hovered there awhile.   

Fire exists the first in light,

  And then consolidates,—

Only the chemist can disclose

  Into what carbonates.

—Emily Dickinson, "Part One: Life ~ CXIII" (1924)