Growing on the High Plains: Deadheading

Aug 16, 2018

Deadheading helps plants thrive, while keeping gardens under control.

"Walk me out in the mornin' dew, my honey." —Grateful Dead

As you know, healthy gardens love to grow (and grow and grow), so it takes a loving hand to keep nature's chaos under control. Today's Growing on the High Plains offers a snippet of wisdom about "deadheading," the process of eliminating dead or spent flowers from living plants. Not only does it refresh and fortify the foliage, it keeps the color poppin' and gives the bushy beauty a blowout.

Listen to learn more about the importance of this process, tips on removal of blooms, and a warning about mindful cleanup. With a regularly scheduled prune-and-pinchback party, you'll keep your garden as flush as a psychedelic tapestry fit for any loyal Deadhead.