Growing on the High Plains: Flower Power

Sep 17, 2020

If the weeds "Devil's claw" and "wild poinsettia" sound alarming, it's because they are! Look out for these in your garden space.

Today's Growing on the High Plains continues our series on garden headaches—hearty residents like weeds, invasive vines, and other pains-in-the-grasses. Now it's time to talk about the beguiling presence of pests that masquerade as benevelont with their pretty blooms. Don't  be fooled by wild poinsettia, "devil's claw," or chinese lantern plants! They may look fetching on the edge of your growing space, but trust me: they're up to NO good. What starts as a shy, purple petals might just give way to a banana-like capsule resembling a demon's finger that'll have you saying, "Get thee behind me, Satan!"