Growing on the High Plains: Great Horned Owl

May 16, 2019

Owlberta, peeping up over the rim of her architecturally-sound, treetop abode.

Knock knock. (Who's there?) Hoo. (Hoo who?) Looks like there's an owl on the prowl! And there certainly is, today onĀ Growing on the High Plains. I thought we could take a peek (through binoculars) at some of my favorite neighbors. Nestled in theirĀ custom abode, anchored to one of our treetops, you'll often find Ollie and Owlberta. I'm talking about our pals, the Great Horned Owls, living in our yard. Hear the story of their comings and goings, hoots and barks, and their fuzzy little family.