Growing on the High Plains: High Flying Food

Feb 1, 2018

Photo courtesy of Windhorse Aerospace
In a time when good news and brotherly love sometimes seems to be at a low ebb, it's nice to know there are brilliant ideas still soaring through the minds of gifted innovators. Today's Growing on the High Plains shares the story of a British aeronautics engineer that's exploring novel methods to provide food aid to those in need. Spurred by war or natural disasters, critical food shortages have become all too common in our troubled times, but this man's solution warmed my gardening heart. He calls it The Pouncer, and it's an edible drone that can navigate its way into dangerous areas to help feed populations without access to food or firewood. For more information about The Pouncer, visit the website of Windhorse Aerospace. You can also read more about these "Micro-Revolutions" in the New Yorker and at New Atlas.