Growing on the High Plains: It's in the Bag!

Sep 24, 2020

Bag gardens make for an inexpensive, space-saving solution for those who want to keep greens growing through the Fall.

Now that we've tied off our deep dig on weeds, invasive plants, and other garden irritations, I'd like to take this week to discuss a smart, simple solution for keeping your veggies going strong well into the Fall. As the weather cools across the High Plains, I know many of us have a hard time saying goodbye to the summer bounty. But I recently read about an easy way to grow greens, root vegetables, and other autumn-friendly edibles in a bag. It's easy to move so it stays situated in the sun, and it's small enough to perch on a bench or table so it's easy on the back. So if you're worried about our waning outdoor growing time, don't fret: it's in the bag!