Growing on the High Plains: It's Time to Plant!

Mar 30, 2017

It's time to plant a seed for PUBLIC RADIO!

Impatient for impatients? Vying for violets? Coveting lovage? Eager for leeks? Looking forward to a forage? Hurtin' for dirt? 

To all of you garden center groupies and High Plains horticulturists out there, I know how you feel. Spring is here, and we just can't wait to get our fingernails filthy. Because we know: the sooner we plant, the closer we are to our harvest. On today's installment of Growing on the High Plains, let's reflect on how lucky we gardeners are are to be the source of growth. Likewise, as HPPR listeners, we have a unique opportunity to cultivate cultural growth in our region during the Spring Membership Campaign. Planting a seed of support for public radio leads to strong roots in our region. Make your pledge today!