Growing on the High Plains: Know Your Onions (Part 2)

Jun 14, 2018

Explore the wild world of onions. So many varieties to try in YOUR kitchen.

Last week we set the roots of our two-part tale of the mighty onion, peeling back the odorous history, health benefits, and cultural significance across the globe. On today’s installment of Growing on the High Plains, let’s bring it back home—to our own back yards! We’ll discuss the many layers of growing and harvesting from your onion patch.

Whether you start from “sets,” plants, or seeds, growing onions in our unpredictable climate remains a relatively tear-free process. Shallot be red onions, or would you rather jump and chive with Miss Vidalia? Whatever you pick, just be sure to plant in a sunny location, using well-worked soil with a little fertilizer or compost, and be sure to water regularly. When you finally unscrew these bulbs, you’ll only cry tears of joy.