Growing on the High Plains: Peppers REVEALED!

Jul 27, 2017

Capsicum, chilis, and peppercorns - all in the family!

Would a pepper by any other name taste just as sweet? Or spicy? Or seasoned? On today's Growing on the High Plains, let's tip our caps to the Capsicum, blow a horn for the peppercorn, and find out "what's the dilly" with the chili. Though different as they may be, these three cousins often answer to the same name: pepper.

I'll dish up some history from the spice trade, provide tips for pampering pepper plants, and issue a rainbow of nutritional insight. No matter how you shake it, peppers seem to be full of surprises. "The sun goes up and the sun gets down,but like the heart of the sun, my heart continues to pound."—from "Behind the Sun," Red Hot Chili Peppers