Growing on the High Plains: Perennials (Part One)

Jul 11, 2019

"The return makes one love the farewell." — Alfred de Musset, French poet (1810-1857)

Today on Growing on the High Plains, let's delve into those favorite prodigal plants: the perennials. Many choose to make these "comeback kids" an integral part of their gardens due to their die-hard will to return after long winter months.

 However, don't go in on a perennial bed thinking you won't need to dole out some regular attention and maintenance. Realistic expectations are key to a successful palette of colors, forms, textures, and frangrances—from petunias, purple coneflowers, and peonies to tulips, irises, and marigolds. Even though they chill back in the winter time, you'll need to keep your cool when it's time to play referee to the mighty (and territorial) perennial.