Growing on the High Plains: The Persimmon Power of Persimmons

Nov 29, 2018

Persimmons: the treat that must be eaten only when it's time!

As we waft through Fall, nature lovers across our region enjoy bearing witness to the spectrum of flaming colors splashed across the treetops. So today’s dive into a bright orange fruit, about which many of you might not be too familiar, will certainly accessorize well with our High Plains autumn hues. Persimmons, whose name translates to “food of the gods” in Latin, grows best in warm, dry climates. If you’re lucky enough to have them available in your local produce section, you’re most likely looking at Japanese persimmons. There are different varieties of persimmons, and they each have their own, unique qualities. Some are sweet and soft, while others are crisp and crunchy. But they must all be eaten only when ripe or your mouth is in for an unpleasant pucker. So listen to today’s installment of Growing on the High Plains, and let it encourage you to get to know the mighty persimmon.