Growing on the High Plains: Poinsettias

Dec 12, 2019

Inside a poinsettia farm!

Whether or not you're one of those souls who tend to get "that holiday feeling" as the season approaches, it seems fairly safe to say the jolly spirit is upon us at first glance of a particular potted plant. If you see a flash of flame-colored leaves erupting from a foil-wrapped pot, you know it's poinsettia time.

Today I'll flap back the soft leaves of this end-of-year favorite to discover its origin as festive foliage in the USA. I'll also offer some tips for caring for your poinsettia, whether it's red, pink or white. Also, please remember to share a little holiday spirit with your public radio station during HPPR's end-of-year membership drive. A gift in any amount to your station will ensure that we can all keep knowing, glowing, and Growing on the Plains. Click here to give online! Happy holidays, from my family to yours.