Growing on the High Plains: The Salad Days

Oct 17, 2019

Don't be radicchio! You can easily make bitter greens a sweet addition to your healthy table.

Today's edition of Growing on the High Plains dives into endive, slams into spinach, and ravishes the elusive radicchio! Plus, we'll take a sweet, sidelong glance at the family of bitter greens.

From their origins as rustic staples growing wild on the countryside, some of these would-be weeds can taste a touch like lawn clippings. Some have a kick, and others have a pucker, which can "leaf" you with a grimace. But if you prepare them with the right amount of salt, fat, and spice, they can be fare fit for a high-end, farm-to-table gourmet restaurant.

And now, a parting poem: 

"The market can be quite a scene.

So stay healthy by eating clean.

Whatever your malady,

A diet more "salad-y"

Will make others an envious green."