Growing on the High Plains: Think Pinks

Jun 21, 2018

Cheddar pinks show off for the camera. Go Dianthus!

From grapefruit to Cadillacs, everything looks prettier in pink! And flower gardens are no exception. So what’s the preferred puce-petaled posy for High Plains planters?

On today’s Growing on the High Plains, we’re delving into the “pinks,” the quintessential cottage flower also known as Dianthus. From their humble origins in English gardens to the palette of 300+ species that exist today, the prolific Pinks have been providing a playful pop to garden perimeters for centuries.

Treasured for their bright colors, numerous starry blooms, and grasslike, blue-green foliage, pinks will prosper as long as they have plenty of sun, proper drainage, and a slightly alkaline soil. And if you’re pretty sure you know why they’re called “pinks,” you might need to think again!