High Plains Outdoors: Cooking Wild Game Not Always Possible

Mar 22, 2019

This past week, Luke's newspaper column quoted some words from Robert Rourke, the famous outdoors writer, about sportsmen putting the fish and game they catch and kill to good use on the table.

One of Luke's readers replied to the column with an apology for not butchering and eating all the wild hogs he kills. Luke sent a reply explaining that wild hogs are not considered game animals, although they are excellent eating - even better than venison, in Luke's opinion.

It would be nice if the meat from all harvested wild hogs could be put to use to feed the hunter’s family or donated to help feed the hungry but there are just way too many hogs that have to be taken off the land each year, just to keep the numbers where they currently are.

Processing and distributing all the wild pork would be a logistical impossibility.

Luke hosts an hour-long outdoor radio show and pens a weekly outdoor column that airs in 40 Texas newspapers.

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