High Plains Outdoors: Mountain Lion Encounter

Feb 8, 2019

This week, Luke comes to you from the porch of his little hunting cabin, nestled in the oaks behind his house, with the topic of mountain lions.

Earlier this week, a jogger was attacked by a juvenile 80-pound male mountain lion on Horsetooth Mountain in Colorado. The jogger managed to choke the lion to death, which in itself is an amazing feat. 

Luke tells about a close encounter with a mountain lion he experienced four years ago while guiding an archery elk hunter in the mountains north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The lion actually stalked within six feet of the hunter Luke was guiding. Click to listen and let Luke share his lion story with you.

This picture was taken at the exact spot where the lion approached the young man Luke was guiding. The ground blind was on the far side of the pond, a few feet above the edge of the water.