July Rains Bring Western Kansas Out Of Drought But Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma Still Dry

Jul 31, 2018

July rains brought most of western Kansas out of drought conditions. However, Colorado and the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles are still struggling with drought.

Strong rains in Garden City last weekend brought July’s total rainfall to 9.1 inches, making it the city’s second-wettest July on record. 

Mike Umscheid a meteorologist with the National Weather Service said Garden City has gotten three more inches of rain this year than its average. In contrast, Amarillo has gotten less than half its average.

“They have a seven-inch rainfall deficit right now,” said Umscheid.

The United States Drought monitor lists areas in the Texas panhandle near Amarillo as in “extreme drought.”

Umscheid said parts of southern Colorado are even worse off, receiving the drought monitor's strongest designation, “exceptional drought,” but he said those areas should see some moisture soon.

“Now that the monsoon season is upon us, it should relieve some of that," said Umscheid. "But it won’t be enough to relieve it entirely.”