Kansa-lyst: Interview with Phil Ehart, Co-founder & Drummer for Kansas

Oct 17, 2017

Phil Ehart (2nd from right) pictured with his band, Kansas. They're celebrating 40 years of their 1977 album, Leftoverture, by touring the US. They play on 10/20 in Dodge City, KS at United Wireless Arena.

Don't miss my interview with co-founder and drummer for Kansas, Phil Ehart. We talk about touring, keeping a the music fresh after 40+ years, and he attempts to answer a question I've had for years: "What the heck IS 'prog rock?'" [Spoiler alert: He's not quite sure.]

This grown-up garage band from Topeka celebrates 40 years of their hit album Leftoverture with a US tour. They'll play Dodge City, KS on Friday, October 20th at United Wireless Arena. 

Want to hear 18 minutes of unedited conversation between Phil and Jenny? Okay then.