Kansas Schools Retain High Ranking, but for How Long?

Aug 30, 2016

Credit Mike Hutmacher / The Wichita Eagle

Kansas schools are among the best in the country, reports The Wichita Eagle. But The Sunflower State ought to have a look over its shoulder, as other states are gaining ground and Kansas may be slipping.

According to a new education report card by the Kansas Association of School Boards, there are signs the state’s ranking could soon fall.

This could be because school funding in other states is growing faster than in Kansas. While Kansas ranks 10th in the nation in overall student outcomes, it came in 29th for spending per pupil. A spokesperson for Gov. Sam Brownback said the Governor plans to develop a new education funding system. She added, “We agree . . . that the amount of money is important, but how money is spent and utilized is equally important.” The study found that each of the states that ranks higher than Kansas spends more per pupil. Since 2008, 37 states have increased funding more than Kansas