Kansas Senators Introduce Legislation to Resume Natural Gas Storage Inspections

Jul 29, 2013

U.S. Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities, Close of 2007
Credit eia.gov/pub/oil_gas/natural_gas/analysis_publications/ngpipeline/undrgrndstor_map.html

Mike Pompeo is supporting legislation for government safety inspections of natural gas storage fields.  The bill was introduced by Pat Roberts,R-Dodge City, and Jerry Moran, R-Hays in April.  It would allow the Kansas Corporation Commission to resume inspections.

Natural gas sprays 20-30 feet in the air on the east side of Hutchinson in 2001.
Credit Bo Rader / kansas.com

Inspections were discontinued in 2009 when federal law struck down the Kansas mandate.  The state requirement was instituted after the 2001 Hutchinson explosion that killed two.

Storage fields hold billions of cubic feet of natural gas under Kansas soil.  You can learn more about natural gas storage and pipelines at the U.S. Energy and Information Administration

This is the second attempt to get the bill passed.

Representative Pompeo serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.