In Kansas, A Switched Stance Prompts a GOP Insurgent Attack

Apr 5, 2016

Sen. Jerry Moran's initial stance that he would meet with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland has prompted talk of a primary challenge for the Kansas senator.
Credit AP photo

Kansas GOP Rep. Mike Pompeo released an unusual and strongly worded statement this week condemning Senator Jerry Moran’s recent flip on whether to consider Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, reports Politico. Moran had previously said that he intended to “do his job” and take up consideration of the nominee. Pompeo, in reference to the phrase, accused the senator of regurgitating a “liberal Democrat talking point.”

Sen. Moran is an incumbent up for re-election this fall, and Rep. Pompeo has long been viewed as having designs on a seat in the senate. The GOP leadership in Washington thus viewed the missive as a direct challenge to Moran’s seat. Moran’s campaign has since told the Hays Daily News that Pompeo is not ruling out a run against Moran in a GOP primary on Aug. 2. Rep. Pompeo has long been associated with the Tea Party movement and the more extreme wing of the Republican Party.