Legendary Pearl Harbor Relic Comes To Amarillo

Jul 4, 2018

Credit Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

A relic from America’s patriotic past arrived in Amarillo this weekend, to stay for good.

As The Amarillo Globe-News reports, the side of the boat deck from the USS Arizona as it arrived at the Happy State Bank Randall County Event Center. During the Pearl Harbor Attack of 1941. The Arizona was bombed by Japanese fighters while docked in Hawaii. The ship exploded and sank, with the loss of almost 1,200 crewmen.

Now, almost 80 years later, the side of that storied ship has found a home in Amarillo.

Getting the relic to the panhandle wasn’t easy.

"It’s a long way to Hawaii and that thing weighs 1,100 pounds,” Randall County Judge Ernie Houdashell told the Globe-News.

A dedication for the artifact will be held at the event center on Dec. 7, to coincide with Pearl Harbor Day. The side of the USS Arizona will ultimately be installed at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial.