Letters by Evelyn Merritt

May 25, 2015

HPPR is proud to introduce you to Letters by Mrs. Evelyn Merritt. Letters is a Reader’s Theatre script chronicling correspondence between the battlefront and home. Letters from wars ranging from the US Civil War up to the Iraq War are interwoven in this visceral and theatrical piece. A real gem.

For many wars, letters home were the only form of communication between soldiers and their loved ones.  Letters is thought-provoking and character-driven. It's not hard to see Marie, Jim, Caleb, Sarah, Harriet and Robert reaching out with pen and paper.

Join us for this special live broadcast of the HPPR Radio Theater tonight at 7:00 pm central time.

 Letters is a co-production of the Garden City Recreation Commission and High Plains Public Radio.

Featuring the voice talents of:

Kyra Linenburger
Kathy Schaefer
Stacie Hahn
Melissa Howrey Fulton
Carson Lenenburger
Bralynn Henry
Kristen Sanders
Menely Hogan
Deb Oyler
Jenni Hipp
Rebecca Stevenson
Brian Seagraves
Steve Zieglar
Lathe Denny
Shane Hipp
Kelly Stevenson
Conner Hipp
Michael Sanders
Rex Oyler