Lynn Phipps & Joe DeLeon: Live on High Plains Morning

Apr 11, 2018

Lynn Phipps & Joe DeLeon are back in Canyon now.

Lynn Phipps has finally made it back to her hometown of Canyon, Texas—and she brought her partner, Joe DeLeon. Thankfully, they've also brought along their guitars, banjo, harmonicas, and vocal harmonies (though they seem to have forgotten their guitar picks). 

High Plains Morning was thrilled to host these two, live in the studio, especially since they'll be playing at HPPR Amarillo (104 SW 6th Ave.) on April 21st at our first-ever Pop-Up Vinyl Swamp, "But Amarillo Doesn't Have Any Record Stores Day." 

Don't miss this bluegrass duo at their Texas debut show. For the full interview and in-studio set, click below.