Masterson, Man of Many Colors

Oct 23, 2012

For many, the name Bat Masterson, brings to mind gunfights and the Old West.  He was born in Quebec, Canada.  Masterson came to eastern Kansas with his parents, but western Kansas drew he and his brother with its wide open spaces and hunting.  The most well known part of his life as Ford County Sheriff inspired a television show, but did you know Masterson:

  • was a buffalo hunter?
  • published the first newspaper in Dodge City?
  • made a living as a gambler when he lost the election for a second term as Sheriff?
  • bought a theater in Denver and married an actress?
  • owned an Olympic athletic club?
  • was arrested for illegal gaming?
  • worked for the railroad?
  • was a good friend of Teddy Roosevelt and frequented the White House?
  • was a prize fight promoter?
  • loved New York City and spent the last 20 years of his life living and working in the Times Square area?
  • is buried in the Bronx?

You can learn more at the Ford County Historical Society website.