New Modular Home Takes Water Efficiency to Next Level

Dec 31, 2015


The Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition this fall was focused on renewable energy. But BuilderOnline reports that one Texas team chose to build a house that took resource conservation a step further. The University of Texas at Austin’s team constructed a home that is net zero usage for energy as well as water.

Called NexusHaus, the dwelling is one of the country's first water-independent dwellings. The design could have major ramifications for home builders in drought-prone areas like the High Plains. The house includes a dishwasher that uses only 4 gallons of water per cycle and a clothes washer that uses 9.5 gallons. Water for the bathroom sink, shower, and clothes washer is filtered and re-used in a drip irrigation system. This system provides up to 75 gallons a day for maintaining the landscaping. The home will also capture enough rainwater to supply all of its drinking water needs.