New School Program Helps Troubled Kids Focus

Apr 28, 2016


A Kansas school has found a new approach to education that teachers say is resulting in more concentration among the kids, reports The Wichita Eagle. In fact, student behavior has improved and the overall atmosphere at the school has changed. What’s the secret? A program called Morning Mindfulness. It’s a half-hour of play therapy, yoga, coloring, crafts and other activities designed to calm children and help them focus before study begins.

Greiffenstein/Wells Alternative School is a combined elementary and middle school in south Wichita. It serves children with emotional disturbances and those who have been suspended or expelled from other schools for behavioral issues. Most of the children have experienced abuse, neglect or other childhood trauma. Morning Mindfulness gives these children a chance to just be kids.

The program focuses on how trauma impacts children’s brain development.  So when heavy emotions come along, they’re able to process them.