New Technology Allows Cows to Text Message Farmers When They Become Pregnant

Nov 9, 2016

Credit Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters/

Now that the election is over, we can get back to focusing on what’s important in the world. According to, there’s a new device available that allows cows to text message their farmers when they’re pregnant.

The technology, known as SmaXtec, was created by an Austrian startup. Ranchers can place connected sensors into a cows’ stomachs to transmit health data over Wi-Fi. The device doesn’t just signal when a cow is pregnant, but can also tell owners when the animal is sick. The sensor can predict whether or not a cow is pregnant with 95% accuracy. That’s important, because cows experience increased milk production prior to calving.

The device has roughly four years of battery life. It’s inserted into the first stomach of a cow through the mouth with a metal rod. Nearly 350 farms across two dozen countries are using the technology to monitor their livestock.