New Wildfire App Being Tested in Colorado

Jun 8, 2016

Aerial photos of the Fourmile Canyon Fire burn area in Boulder, Colorado on Sept. 10, 2010.
Credit Joe Amon / Denver Post

Cities on the High Plains that have been threatened by wild fires in recent months may soon be watching firefighters in Boulder, Colorado. The city of Boulder is testing a new app that could help fight natural blazes. The app is called the Android Team Awareness Kit, reports The Denver Post. The Boulder Fire Department hopes the new technology will help them better coordinate efforts to fight large wildland fires.

The app aids communication with crews on the ground. The system is based on military technology, and it’s designed to feed firefighters geographical information in real time.

The app shows a map of the area, the location of crews on the ground, and even live video sent from aerial support. Dave Zader, the wildland fire administrator for Boulder, says the city is on the forefront of this technology. “It’s an incredible tool,” he added.