No Home to Go To

Apr 2, 2013

In 1935, there had been no rain and no wheat crop for the Wancuras.  One day, Velma and Ted decided to drive to Beehler to a farm sale about 14 miles north.  On the way home, they stopped at her parent's home in Beehler to say hello.  The weather turned.  Velma's dad told them to stay for the night. 

The next day they started out for home.  They met a neighbor on the road, who told them there was no reason to travel any further, a tornado had destroyed their home.  It was scattered for miles.  

What to do?  Sell off and move?  Give up?  Not this couple.  They simply do not know the meaning of quit.  The barn and the chicken house were intact.  They needed a home.  Ted asked a land owner who owned a vacant shell of a house if they could move in.  He told them they could move the house to their place.  Ted did.  Velma said he was a man who could do most anything. 

They would stuff rags and paper in the gaps to make it as airtight as possible until they got enough money to fix it.  They were thankful for their animals, car, barn, and chicken house.  Surely, the hard times are over.