Northwest Kansas Farmer Featured In Wall Street Journal Video About The Future Of Farming

Oct 24, 2017

Credit Creative Commons Zero - CC0

Colby Kansas Farmer Lon Frahm is featured in a video from the Wall Street Journal about the future of farming in the U.S.

Frahm says technology has allowed him to do more farming with the same amount of people – nine to be exact, who help him farm 30,000 acres of corn and wheat. Thirty years ago, Frahm had 6,000 acres and four employees.

With 2/3 of the country’s total agricultural output coming from only 4 percent of farms, the Wall Street Journal reports that big operations like Frahm’s may be the future of farming.

Frahm got his start by being the son of a farmer, but as he explains in the video, it wasn’t his original plan. After earning his business degree, he planned to go onto graduate or law school. But when his father passed away, he said he fuond himself “planted” in northwest Kansas.

Frahm says he’s a business person who happens to own a farm - or manage agricultural assets - spending most of his days in his office, rather than in a combine.

Frahm Farmland is an underwriter for High Plains Public Radio.