Ohana, the Story of Elija Lagafuaina

Feb 1, 2016

“I was a little troublemaker growing up. I was raised right but I always had the urge to rebel, especially against the rules. Because of that I was always getting in trouble at school” - Elijah Lagafuaina. Elijah always had a passion and talent for football. He saw it as an outlet.

Throughout our lives we are forced to adapt to new surroundings and new environments. A change of scenery can either help us or hurt us. Finding people that support you and help you is the key ingredient to transition and success. Elijah started out as a troubled youth who enjoyed hitting people, on the football field of course. This is Ohana, the story of Elijah Lagafuaina, by Natali Martin and Kyle Hewitt.

This piece was performed and adapted by Kyle Hewitt and Natali Martin.