Oklahoma cotton rebounds after dry years

Dec 18, 2016

Credit theogeo / Flickr Creative Commons

Oklahoma cotton is back.

After years of struggling through dry conditions, the fluffy white stuff has returned in force to Oklahoma farmland, reports KFOR.

According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Oklahoma’s 2016 production total was 51 percent higher than production in 2015. The total haul came out to well over half a million bales. The number is an estimate based on production through November. Oklahoma Cotton Council executive director Harvey Schroeder said the state’s cotton crop has been the beneficiary of auspicious rains and a warm September.

Cotton in Oklahoma typically brings in about $90 million of state revenue. The Sooner State produces two percent of America’s cotton.

Cotton hit a record low back in 2011, when the state’s total land devoted to the crop only amounted to 70,000 acres. The high was back in 1955, when a staggering 5.3million acres of Oklahoma land were made up of cotton.