Oklahoma Senator Proposes Bill To Raise Minimum Wage

Jan 6, 2019

Credit Public Domain via Pixabay

Oklahoma’s Legislative session won’t begin for another month, but an Oklahoma Senator has already proposed a bill to raise the minimum wage in the Sooner State.

As KFOR reports, Senator George Young, a Democrat from Oklahoma City, has filed a bill that would raise Oklahoma’s minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.50 per hour, starting in 2020.

Young says many Oklahomans often work multiple minimum-wage jobs to try to pay the bills—yet many still find themselves relying on government help. The wage increase, he says, would give those Oklahomans a leg up.

But critics of the idea say the plan could have a negative effect on the state’s finances.

The Pew Research Center recently noted, in real terms, the average hourly earnings of Americans peaked more than 45 years ago.