Oklahoma State Employees Will Join Teachers In Strike

Mar 11, 2018

Credit darinrmcclure / Flickr Creative Commons

Oklahoma’s state employees announced this weekend that they will join the state’s teachers in a walkout early next month if lawmakers do not meet the teachers’ demands for increased pay and school funding.

As The Oklahoman reports, the Oklahoma Public Employees Association board of directors met on Saturday and approved a work stoppage plan if the state legislature doesn’t agree to $213 million in state employee pay raises by April 2.

The Oklahoma Education Association has already announced demands for $800 million in pay raises and funding.

Members of the state employees association said the lack of a pay raise in more than 12 years had brought employees to a breaking point. State employees have said insurance costs have actually lowered their wages below a living rate.

“A slap on the back that we appreciate your service doesn't pay the gas bill,” said one spokesman.