Oklahomans Find a Way to Turn Garbage into Energy

Feb 12, 2016

Credit storageioblog.com

A group of Oklahoma students have found a way to turn trash into energy, reports KFOR. The students, along with staff members at Oklahoma State University, have patented a process they call “gasification.” The new system could be a game-changer. The name of the project is “Renewable Energy Power on Demand,” or “RE-PODS” for short. The program takes garbage and transforms it into “syngas,” which can run specially-made generators.

The process was developed by Raymond Huhnke and his biofuels research team at Oklahoma State. A number of potential investors met in Stillwater this week to assess the project’s potential.

Carey Warren, the project’s CEO, said they’re in talks with the Choctaw and the Creek Nations to help them utilize the process. “Being native sons of Oklahoma, we want to give this back to Oklahoma,” Warren said.