Once again, Federal court rules that Texas GOP intentionally diluted minority votes

Apr 23, 2017

Credit Austin American-Statesman

A Federal court has once again ruled that the Republican Party in Texas intentionally tried to disenfranchise minority voters when it redrew district lines in 2011.

As The Austin American-Statesman reports, the 2-1 ruling attested that the GOP diluted minority votes in an attempt to gain more power in the state.

The ruling reads, in part, “Discussions among mapdrawers demonstrated a hostility to creating any new minority districts, as those were seen to be a loss of Republican seats, despite the massive minority population growth statewide.”

Two months ago the same San Antonio court rendered three Texas Congressional districts void, on the same grounds that they had been created by Republicans with an eye to racial discrimination.   

In a separate case, a Federal judge in Corpus Christi ruled this month that the state’s voter ID law discriminates against minority voters.