O'Rourke Signs Stolen From Amarillo Yards

Sep 13, 2018

Signs in the home of Amarillo O'Rourke supporter Carole McDaniel, who is working to replace the stolen signs in Amarillo.
Credit Carole McDaniel

Amarillo has seen a large number of campaign signs for Beto O’Rourke being stolen out of front yards in recent days.

Amarillo Democrat Cecily Wilkinson Riesenberg said she has had three O’Rourke signs stolen from her yard alone.

Carole McDaniel of Indivisible Amarillo confirmed the problem, saying thefts are particularly prevalent in the Wolflin, Bivins, and Belmar neighborhoods. McDaniel has been selling signs out of her house for $5, to try to replace the stolen ones.

Tara Lowery-Hart lives in the Colonies neighborhood of Southwest Amarillo. She said she first noticed her sign was gone after seeing that her neighbor’s O’Rourke sign had turned up missing.

Terry Harmon, the chairman of the Republican Party in Randall County, lamented the thefts, saying, “I don’t know why people do things like that, when the property doesn’t belong to them.” He added that he’d not heard of any Ted Cruz or Greg Abbott signs being stolen.