OSHA lacks the funds and ability to enforce rules in the meatpacking industry

May 3, 2015

Credit Lauren Coodley / History News Network

The nation’s top safety watchdog lacks the resources or ability to set and enforce rules in a timely manner reports The Washington Post.  In 2012, the Government Accountability office found it takes nearly eight years on average to issue a new rule.  That’s because of the heavy burden of documentation needed to withstand industry lawsuits and a budget that’s declined significantly since 2010.

Case in point is one of the most dangerous jobs in America- meatpacking.  There were over 28,000 reported injuries in 2013, but OSHA says it doesn’t have the resources or ability to set or enforce rules. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set voluntary guidelines for the meat processing industry, and a there’s a blanket protection saying companies have a “general duty” to protect their workers using the best available information.

OSHA does specifically regulate other industries including mining and grain processing.