People Of The Plains: Learning To Love

Aug 24, 2017

Kristy Reynosa and her adopted daughter, Molly.
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Kristy Reynosa hired me to be her family’s nanny when I was a sophomore in high school.

I watched her daughter Molly, who was 11 at the time, and her granddaughter Tylee, who was 8.

Molly was this little girl who could do anything she put her mind to. You put a ball in front of her, and she knew how to make a point with it in whatever game it was. You told her to run a certain distance at a time and she did it five minutes under.

Not only is she an incredible athlete, she is an incredible young woman. Molly told me her adoption story the first time I met her. She was so proud of her story. She loved her mom and dad and she wanted everyone to know how they became her parents.

Jerry Reynosa and his adopted daughter, Molly.
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Through the years I continued to become close to the young girls, but my relationship with Kristy continued to grow, as well. I would go over to their house earlier than I was told, just so I could sit and talk to Kristy when she was getting ready for work. She quickly became a very close friend of mine.

When the year came for me to not be able to watch the girls because of schedule conflicts, it was a hard time for everyone. I had grown so close to this amazing family who had hearts for everyone, and the biggest heart for The Lord.

When this project came about, I knew exactly who I wanted to do it over. I wouldn’t be the same without this family. I wanted to share one single story out of the many, to showcase their family history.