People of the Plains: Spiritually engaged

Jun 22, 2017

Kayla Newton, Buddy Young, and Blake Backus.

Theologians tell us there are three things in things in a Christian’s life that are going to affect them. Number one is the world, another is flesh, and number three would be sin.  Those three things affect us and this is all a scheme of the one who is like a lion seeking those whom he may devour. The bible is not some fictitious mythical document rather there is truly a spiritual battle happening that many people would not advocate.

West Texas A&M University students Kayla Newton and Blake Backus act out the story told by Buddy Young, the director of the WT Baptist Student Ministry. Buddy met this young man in Key West, Florida where he was doing mission work. The young man had internal struggles and with the help of the church he was able to seek help. Here is a story of the spiritual battle that this man faced.

In the following feature, Kayla and Blake act out the story told by Buddy Young about a young man he met.