A Photo Journal of Low Times on the High Plains

Jan 16, 2014

HASWELL, CO - JUNE 23: A tumbleweed races across what once was fertile farmland, but now looks more like a desert suffering from years of drought, June 23, 2013. A small rain storm in the background dropped some much-needed rain. It was a little too late to save this year's crops at a farm in Haswell.
Credit RJ Sangosti / The Denver Post

RJ Sangosti spent the past year in high plains communities of Eastern Colorado.  It is a time of struggle for the region.  Years without rain are pushing changes in agriculture, the region’s main industry.  Farms are getting bigger, pushing small farmers out.  Young people are leaving to continue their education, and not returning.  Corporate stores in nearby cities are strangling main street businesses.  Housing values are declining.  

But, a handful remain-the hardy and determined ones.  Enjoy this photographic vignette of life in Eastern Colorado by RJ Sangosti for the Denver Post by going here.