Propane prices set records

Feb 2, 2014


The cost of propane is breaking records.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) lists the current average price nationwide at just over four dollars per gallon.  That’s more than a dollar higher than last week said a recent article in StateImpact Oklahoma.

State Impact Oklahoma reported that’s important to about ten percent of Oklahomans who use propane to heat their homes.

Contributing factors:

  • A colder-than-normal winter
  • A major pipeline, running from Kansas to Tulsa,  was shutdown for maintenance
  • Temporary refinery shutdowns at refineries
  • High precipitation during the fall spurred farmers to use more propane to dry corn harvests

The state of Oklahoma has taken action.  Limits on driving hours have been raised for operators of propane transport vehicles, and Gov. Mary Fallin signed an executive order allowing propane truck drivers from out-of-state to transport the fuel into Oklahoma without acquiring a license.