Sad Monkey Railroad Finds a New Home in Canyon

Dec 7, 2015

Barbara Logan stands at the new site of the Sad Monkey Railroad.
Credit The Canyon News

An important part of many happy Palo Duro Canyon childhood memories has found a new home, reports The Canyon News. The Sad Monkey Railroad was a small train that made a short circuit through the canyon to the delight of thousands of children over many years. And now the train will be displayed near the town square in Canyon, Texas.

The plan is to display the locomotive, the tinder car and one of the passenger cars in a grassy area south of the new parking lot beside the square. The train’s materials will be updated to be more weather resistant. And gravel, crossties and rails will be placed under the train to give it a ‘natural’ setting.

The train was donated by longtime panhandle resident Barbara Logan, who bought the Sad Monkey Railroad when it was decommissioned in 1996. “We can remember getting frozen custard and 50-cent hot dogs,” she said. “It was so family oriented.”