Senate Approves Bill Easing Concealed Weapons Rules in Kansas

Feb 26, 2015

Credit Stephen Koranda /

The Kansas Senate has passed a bill that would allow Kansans to carry a concealed gun without a permit. Currently, residents must go through training and pass a background check before they are issued a permit to carry a hidden weapon.

Republican Senate President Susan Wagle voted in favor of the bill but with reservations. She says she has heard “legitimate concerns” from Kansans.

“However, today we must vote. And when in doubt, I believe that if we err we ought to do so on the side of freedom and the continued protection of our most basic constitutional rights,” says Wagle.

She’s asking critics of the bill to stay involved in the process to help lawmakers eliminate any unintended consequences.

The 31-7 vote in the Senate sends the measure to the Kansas House for consideration.