Sixth Time's a Charm: Amarillo Public Library Wins Again for Public Service

Mar 4, 2021

For the sixth year in a row, the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association has honored Amarillo Public Library with its Award of Excellence. Only 56 of Texas’ 568 public library systems earned this distinction for 2020, placing APL in the top 10% of all public libraries in the state. So this week, we asked Stacy Clopton, the Public Relations Coordinator at Amarillo Public Library, to stop by High Plains Morning to share more about the library and what it offers people across our region.

In addition to offering curbside service, check out some of the other services the library provides – which is what landed them these top honors: book bundles; classes in citizenship, English as a Second Language, reading, genealogy, computers, taxes, job searching, and more! If you have questions, contact Stacy at (806) 378-3051.

Hear our full interview on the link below.