Southeastern Colorado Farmer Has First Hemp Harvest

Oct 3, 2013

Ryan Loflin stands in his hemp field
Credit Hemp Industries Association

The first known hemp harvest in more than fifty years began this month in southeastern Colorado according to Denver Westward Blogs.

Ryan Loflin planted 55 acres of hemp.  He tried combining the plants, but found much of the plant was destroyed by the process.  Harvesting by hand will preserve the plant’s roots which will continue to grow next season. 

Hemp seeds are hard to find and expensive.  Much of Loflin’s harvest will be saved to plant next year.  The remainder will be used to make hemp oil.

The hemp plant has been illegal.  The federal government has made no distinction between hemp which contains no THC, and marijuana, however the Department of Justice recently indicated it won't sue to stop states' marijuana policies. 

The Colorado Department is Agriculture is working on rules for registering hemp farmers.  The process should be ready early in 2014.  A statement has been issued by the department stating hemp is not approved for planting at this time. 

That did not stop Loflin who says he hopes to see full commercialization of hemp.