Staying Constructive: Ron Pope Talks "The Builder" with SONGBIRDS

Sep 11, 2020

Goodness, gonna miss that beard.
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A few weeks ago on SONGBIRDS, I reached a magical milestone: an interview with one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Ron PopeWe talked about his new project, "The Builder." As the world of a Nashville-based artist shifts through the rubble-- both from the tornado and a pandemic-- Ron has found a way to rebuild community through his music. (The best part: he gets to wear sweatpants!) 

Oh, and a quick trigger warning: I might full-on fan girl a few time, but it's only because he's my favorite. I was truely inspired after this conversation, seeing how resilient art and music can be in a time of crisis. For more about Ron and his music, visit his website.

For the full interview, click the link below. (Note: music featured has been removed.)